Replacement Pro-team Vacuum Bags 1100331

$14.99 $13.99

10 Pack Replacement 10 Quart Vacuum Bags Pro Team 100331


Replacement Pro-team Vacuum Bags

Replacement Pro-team Vacuum Bags 1100331. This ProTeam 100331 vacuum bag quickly swaps out with the one inside select Super CoachVac HEPA, CoachVac, and MegaVac 10 qt. backpack vacuumcleaners. It’s always a good idea to have extra bags like these on-hand so that you never run out at an inconvenient time!

Fits Machines :

  • Nilfisk/Advance, Adgility, 10XP
  • Nilfisk/Advance, Adgility, 6XP
  • Nilfisk/Advance, Adgility 10XP,
  • Windsor, VP10,
  • ProTeam, Coach,
  • ProTeam, MegaVac,
  • ProTeam, SuperCoach, 10qt
  • ProTeam, SuperCoach Pro, 10qt
  • Sandia Plastics, Raven, 10 Quart
  • Perfect Products, PB1001 Back Pack 10 QT,


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