Refurbished Nobles Floor Scrubber




Refurbished Nobles Floor Scrubber New Batteries 28″

Tennant/Nobles Floor Scrubber 60 Days Warranty and FREE SHIPPING !!

Our trained technicians have thoroughly inspected each individual machine and have approved it for immediate use. All motors, hoses, belts, tanks, pad drivers, wheels, squeegees, and electronics have been inspected and replaced if needed.

New Batteries


Hoses, Vacuum Motor, Casters, etc

Our Refurbished  Nobles Floor Scrubber New Batteries 28” walk-behind scrubber is designed to quietly and effectively clean noise-sensitive areas. With several disk and cylindrical brush options to provide the flexibility needed to clean a variety of spaces and applications. This machine is uniquely engineered keep your space clean, safe and dry within seconds after cleaning.

  • Battery powered
  • Ideal for day-to-day cleaning of large areas
  • Multiple cleaning heads
  • 28″ Cleaning Width
  • 30 gallon Solution tank
  • 40 gallon Recovery Tank

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28", 32"


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